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Single Website Owner (FREE)

Get to know Tidokan with a FREE account. Create a project and get help from qualified Project Managers and Developers.

  • 1 Project
  • Single User
  • 10 MB File Storage Limit
  • Get Help from Experts for Each Ticket


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Ideal for businesses with one or more projects who want to be able to track and complete their own tasks.

  • Up to 3 Projects
  • Unlimited Team Members per Project
  • 50 MB File Storage Limit
  • Extra Storage Available
  • Create and Complete Own Tickets


Additional Storage $10/GB

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Design/Development/SEO Company

For design, development and SEO companies who want a better way to manage clients and get help when they need it.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Team Members per Project
  • 500 MB File Storage Limit
  • Extra Storage Available
  • Create and Complete Own Tickets
  • Discounted Development Rates


Additional Storage $2/GB

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Whitelabel Service

For development companies that want to whitelabel a copy of this platform for their own operations.

  • Ideal for Development companies who want a practical way to manage their clients
  • Set the cost of your rates for Project Management and Development according to Skills
  • Track your client's projects and get paid reliably and ontime
  • Customization services available

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Frequently asked questions

What is included in the FREE account?

The FREE version of the account allows you to create a single project and use our development services on a per-ticket basis to build your site.

This level of subscription essentially allows you to use Tidokan as a platform to outsource your website development work to our team of Project Managers and Developers - a great way to manage your website development project and ensure that all work on your website is completed by trustworthy developers and overseen by reliable Project Managers.

You will receive a bid for every task prior to work being performed, and your designated Project Manager will work with you to make sure all work requests are clearly defined and accurately completed from start-to-finish.

What are the benefits of the Business Account ($9.97/mo)?

The Business level account is a step up from the Basic Subscription, and allows for more users within an organization to participate in the project, provides for added storage for files and documentation, and allows your team to create and complete tickets on their own: meaning you can use the platform for internal tasks that your team is able to complete on their own (for tasks that don't need developer assistance).

The main benefits of the Business Level subscription are as follows:

  • You can have up to three separate project in your account
  • Unlimited team members allows you to involve more people from your company in the development process
  • Expanded and scalable file storage
  • Ability to complete tickets from start-to-finish on your own.

The Business level account is really meant for customers who have outgrown the Basic Subscription and want to get more out of the Tidokan platform

What are the benefits of the Enterprise Account ($39.97/mo)?

The Enterprise level account is meant for companies who want to use the Tidokan platform to service their own clients' projects - primarily for Design and SEO companies, as well as other Developers and freelancers as a way to better manage their clients' work requirements while being able to tap into a pool of talented developers who can help out when they get stuck.

The key benefits that make the Enterprize level an attractive solution for these companies include:

  • Unlimited projects and users
  • Expanded file storage capacity
  • Discounted rates for development services (20%)

For development companies that want to run their own version of the Tidokan platform, we offer a whitelabel service that can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Please contact us for more details

Can I upgrade to a different subscription level?

Yes, all accounts are initially created with a Basic Subscription (FREE), so that users can test the system and see how they like the Tidokan platform.

You can upgrade your account at any time to a higher package.

We do not currently allow users to downgrade their packages.