About Tidokan

Mission: To simplify and streamline the website development process.

Tidokan was created to make it easier to manage all of the tasks required to build, grow, and maintain a website.

In fact, we use Tidokan on a daily basis to document the changes, bugs, and features we want to add to Tidokan itself.

So, what is Tidokan?

1) Tidokan is a project management platform specifically designed for tracking all of the tasks involved in developing, maintaining, and adding features to a website.

As a freelance web developer, I found it pretty easy to handle the initial design and creation of a website, but when it came to managing the lists of bugs, change requests, and new features requested by my clients, none of the existing methods really worked very well.

Clients would send me lists of bugs and changes via emails, spreadsheets, Word Documents, and other project management systems that really weren't designed for handling website development tasks. This made it difficult to keep track of which items had already been completed, and clarify unclear instructions for other tasks.

Tidokan.com provides a streamlined ticket-based project management system with special tools that make it easy to document, track, and ensure the completion of all the tasks that add up to a completed website.

2) Tidokan provides professional development support from qualified developers when you need help that is beyond your own expertise.

I consider my skills to be pretty good when it comes to designing and building a website, especially when using a platform like WordPress, Joomla, and Shopify... but I would often get requests from my clients for features that were beyond my abilities.

In these cases, I was faced with three options: tell my clients I couldn't do it, invest a lot of time in researching a solution, or outsource the work to another developer. The first two options were pretty inefficient, and I struggled to find reliable developers for small tasks.

Tidokan.com makes it easy to simply pass a ticket along to a reliable team consisting of a Project Manager and an expert Developer who will provide you with a firm bid price for your work, and complete the work for you should you choose to accept the bid.

And all of the work is tracked from start-to-finish through Tidokan's ticket management system.

What Does 'Tidokan' mean?

The name 'Tidokan' comes from an ancient spelling of the Japanese words, "Shodo" - which translates roughly to "Clear Path", and "Kan" - meaning "Building". In contemporary kanji (Japanese characters), the word would be "Shodokan" - 昭道館.

In 2016, I moved to Japan and rented a recently shut down judo dojo in the remote fishing/farming village of Kaifu, Tokushima: beautiful sleepy surf town at the mouth of the Kaifu River. Japan does not really use street names - rather, they use block names and building names. The address of the dojo building where I lived and worked while creating this project management platform used characters that equated to an ancient spelling of "Shodokan"; and according to my landlord (the former dojo sensei), should be written as "Tidokan" (and according to the post office as well).

Since the meaning ("Clear Path"), represented what I wanted to create for making it easier to manage website development projects, I thought it was a fitting name for this platform.

That, and the domain name: Tidokan.com, was available :-)

How to Outsource Work Through Tidokan

Just create a ticket and a dedicated Project Manager and Qualified Developer will handle the work for you...
How it Works

1. Create a Ticket

Describe something you want to change, fix, or add to your website. Provide attachments such as screenshots and provide a link to the referenced page.

2. Ticket Review

A dedicated Project Manager will review your ticket and ensure the instructions are clear - if not, they will contact you to clarify your scope of work.

3. Qualified Developer Assigned

The Project Manager will assign a qualified Developer to your ticket, and discuss the instructions to make sure the Developer fully understands the required scope of work.

4. Bid

The Project Manager and Developer assigned to your ticket will determine the total cost for the work you have requested in your ticket based on the amount of time it will take to complete the work.

5. Accept Bid (or don't)

You will receive a Bid Price for the work defined in your ticket. If you accept the work, payment will be submitted and held by Tidokan until the work is completed. The Developer will start working on your ticket once your deposit has been received.

6. Developer Does the Work

The Developer assigned to your ticket will do the work, and if needed, will discuss the issue with you and the Project Manager through the comments section of the ticket.

7. Quality Assurance

Once the Developer has completed the ticket, the Project Manager will review the work to ensure that it is done correctly before sending it to you for final review.

8. Review and Complete Ticket

The final step is for you to review the Ticket and make sure everything is done correctly. If you have any issues, you can REJECT the work and your Project Manager and Developer will correct any incomplete work. If the ticket is complete, just mark it complete and that's it!

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